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Caleb Davis, LMT, CPT


Are you feeling sore and achy, experiencing sharp shooting pains, or just plain restless?  Then a good massage could be your best solution! With countless benefits and no known side effects, massage is the perfect answer. Don't be misled; massage is not just a luxury or a pampering, instead massage can be used to combat a large variety of bodily disorders causing anything from annoying restlessness to debilitating pain. Research has only just begun to scratch the surface of all the benefits massage offers.

I have been working full time as a licensed massage therapist since early 2011. With a focus on pain management and restoration, I detail each massage according to the specific needs of every client. From "kinks," headaches, and stiffness to whiplash, sciatica, and TMJ issues, I am able to provide relief from nearly every form of body ache or fatigue through the use of a combination of manual therapy techniques. For further details on the techniques I use, click on the "types of massages" link on the left hand side of this page.

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